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Need a fast website with search engine optimization? I can get a elegant designed website built for you in just a few days. Using some search engine optimization we can get your site pulling up higher on search engines lists to help drive clients to your business over your competitors.


Ruby on Rails

Need a more robust custom application? I cam build for you an application with a more customized back-end to better fit your needs. With experience with SQL and APIs I can get and control the data you need.



Need help keeping your site up and running? Along with periodic offsite backups and any fixes or changes necessary to keep driving your business, I will strive to continually improve your search engine optimization and increase speed and performance.


ruby on rails
html html5
css css3

What I’ve Built

Irish Tacos

ruby on rails design and development

A Ruby on Rails application for a taco and smoothie shop. Allows shop owner to create as many menus as need and as many items for each menu. Using JavaScript menu links are dynamically created and when clicked will display appropriate menu without a complete page refresh.

Overtime Application

ruby on rails design and development

Built a Ruby on Rails application to keep track of employee overtime request using TDD. Used the Devise gem to control employee and admin privileges. Created a dashboard for admins to manage request approvals. Implemented the TWILIO gem to create reminder notifications for employees to fill out their requests

Freelance Application

ruby on rails mircoservice design and development

Created a microservice app with Angular 2 for freelance business owners. Uses two Ruby on Rails applications for managing data and custom built APIs for interlinking applications.

My Name Is Jason Hall

I recently left a career in finance to pursue one in web development. I enjoyed finance and found a lot of success. But realized all I was doing was selling products and not using any creative skills with my financial knowledge. I made the change so I could be more creative in my work. I believe being able to be creative in your job provides the most job satisfaction!

To learn more about me and my work you can visit my portfolio site at jhallnation.com

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